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Bait Al Nobala offers a unique collection of Ramadan tents for rental during the holy month of Ramadan.

We are Ramadan  tent rental company. We specialize in quality rentals and outstanding service. Whether you’re having a small backyard party or a formal corporate event, we can provide with all the Ramadan Rental Tents equipment.

Tent Rental UAE-Bait Al Nobala Tents

Ramadan Rental Tents In UAE 

Advantages for Tents – Ramadan Tents
Huge square footage capabilities in a short time
Wide open interior for unobstructed use
Incredible strength and durability in bad weather
Easy to heat and cool

Sizes for Ramadan Tent Rental
Clear Span Tents are available in numerous sizes for rental. The following guide gives examples of the most common tent sizes.

Ramadan Rental Tents Width
Tent width sizes start at 5, 10, 20 & 50 m and increase in 5 meter.
Tent Rentals Length. Tent length begins at 5 meters and can increase at 5 meter intervals until your square footage needs are covered. Each 5meter increment requires the addition of a tent arch.

Ramadan Tent Rental Height
Tent height offers two standard options:
10 m, 15 m, tents can have a side height of 2.5m.30 m, 40 m, and 50m tents can have a side height of 4m

Ramadan Tent Rentals Accessories
-Doors Fabric lining for the roof and sides
-CurtainsCarpet for the Ground
-A.C. UnitsLights
-DB Box
-Normal Chair & Table (With Cover)
-Chair & Table with cover
-VIP Chairs & Table (With Cover)

We Bait Al Nobala Rental Company for Rental Ramadan Tents,  Party Tents, Structural Tents, and corporate Tent Rental service For Parties or Any Type of Event.We hope that our offer will be convenient for you and looking forward to hear from you soon. For further clarifications, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re always for your disposal.