Pagoda Tent is ideal to establish a strong theme for your Moroccan or Indian party, elegant and sophisticated dinner or wedding. The Pergola is also a great favorite as a beach cabana; look out for Bait Al Nobala Tents new range of Pergolas Tents.

fitted on an Aluminum  frame, the self-supporting Pergola can be installed inside or outside to frame a buffet, bar, lounge seating vignette or intimate dinner.

Available in a wide variety of exterior and interior color combinations with detailed scalloping and drapes tied back with silk rope tassel ties; choose to develop a strong exotic theme for your party, or go for the timeless elegance of a simple, neutral color-way.

Pergola is modular, allowing you to have an array of combinations. The most popular being the double, triple and quadruple Pergolas. We can utilize 5’ wide connecting canopies to extend the footprint to accommodate the long banquet table settings so much in vogue at the moment. Alternatively, Pergolas set up in a row create a luxurious walkway to take your guests into a larger tent in unequalled style.